Eleven weeks on from breaking my arm (radius at wrist end) I’m getting strength enough in my hand and wrist to tackle some of the smaller garden jobs. I even got the strimmer out yesterday only to discover that I’ve run out of line for it. Perhaps that’s just as well. I ordered some more and decided to tackle the completely overgrown Violet Steps that lead up to the shed.


I got this far today. Still have to do the top and the edges of the path to the shed.

The exciting thing is that I discovered about ten small new violet plants that weren’t there last year and on both sides of the steps.




Originally there was just one plant near the top of the steps. I’d rescued it from the lane where it was likely to get trodden on and replanted it. It’s great to see that it is well enough settled to spread itself by seed and side shoots. I spent some time today carefully teasing out grasses and mosses (two wheelbarrow loads, believe it or not!)and am looking forward to next spring’s violet flowering already!