…this is today’s favourite dandelion, growing out of the top of an old brick wall. There was not much sunshine today but even so it should be more open, except that it has probably run out of nutrients. It tried. I like tryers.

2016-04-24 at 15-23-35.jpg

Meanwhile, despite the lack of actual sunshine, though it wasn’t a bad weather day, I wondered why there were so few dandelions open in the dandelion corner near the back door where there had been plenty the day before. Closer inspection proved that chomped is why. The most likely culprits are roe deer. Sometimes I think the Boggy Brae garden is just a roe deer buffet.

2016-04-22 at 15-21-40.jpg

the same area the day before

So it’s not just bees and other insects that like dandelions.