This day last year I thought I had identified this wee moss as Trichostomum brachydontium (Variable Crisp Moss). This day this year I’m not so sure that’s a correct ID. Story of my life where mosses are concerned!

So, I’m calling it That tiny bright moss on the coniferous log, topped with soily gravelly detritus, that’s propping up the eudalyptus trunk seat. Succinct as ever, huh? Maybe I’ll abbreviate it to Tiny bright moss under euc, or Tinbrue for short.

One of the things that make me doubt my ID attempt is that my moss books say that capsules are rare, even very rare. On this sample they clearly are not rare at all.

The photo below was taken exactly one year ago, so obviously Tinbrue moss is thriving on the Boggy Brae. Hairslide is for scale.