South side 05:06.jpg

My earliest pic (May 2006) of Boggy Brae south slope showing the two bare spruce stumps. The lower one is what I now call the Lophocolea stump.

South slope May 2014.jpg

From almost the same angle in May 2014. We rebuilt the lean-to Den on the left too!


The reason I call it the Lophocolea stump: its upper surface is now covered in a mat of the liverwort Lophocolea heterophylla (Variable-leaved Crestwort).

These are its sporophytes:


A lichen forest among the Lophocolea. E V Watson’s 3rd edition of British Mosses and Liverworts says that “decaying logs and tree stumps in moist woodland are the principal habitat” so the Boggy Brae mat of it is spot on.

Mosses and lichens grow on its vertical surfaces too:

Yesterday I removed the piece of hose that has been ‘stored’ around this stump for several years. the bare wood beneath is rotting well and is, I suspect, home for ants and other wee beasties.