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Springy Turf Moss (Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus) is plentiful on the Boggy Brae. It makes up a good proportion of our back lawn and winter is the time of its forte while the grasses rest. Its English name fits it perfectly.

2015-12-12 at 13-25-20.jpg

Some of the back lawn. The white thing is our archery target boss.

As its name suggests, Springy Turf Moss grows in extensive turfs when it gets the chance. Below, a tree and some of its surrounding turf have been uprooted, and the height or length that the moss’s shoots grow to can be appreciated.

2015-12-12 at 13-18-23.jpg

Healthy turfs look like this from above…

2015-12-12 at 13-23-40.jpg

Roe deer spoor fertilise our lawns. The star-like tops, red stems and squarrose leaves (curved back from the stem) make this an easy moss to recognise, especially when it’s as common as it is here.

…and like this from the side

2015-12-12 at 13-23-17.jpg