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These are the seed pods and tiny seeds of what I think is the Northern Marsh Orchid (Dactylorhiza purpurella). I was surprised at how small they were; I had expected them to be bigger, maybe like bluebell seeds. We usually get a few (2-4) in the Boggy Brae garden each year. This winter I’m going to see if I can find out how to propagate a few more using the saved seed.

2014-06-23 at 07-51-13

Northern Marsh Orchid in its buttercup meadow on a south-east facing bank

For the last few years we’ve also had a Southern Marsh Orchid (Dactylorhiza praetermissa), just one, reappearing in the same place on a north-east facing bank each year. This year it did not do so well as usual, possibly because it was a relatively cool and wet summer even by Argyll standards, but also because self-seeded Cowberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) is growing near it and reduced the available light. We are quite far north for these to appear though apparently they have been recorded in Norway. Pics below are from July 2013.