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Snowberry (Symphoricarpos rivularis). I’m counting this as wild because it is now so well established as naturalised garden escape.

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2015-08-11 at 09-43-24

Snowberry flowers

2015-08-11 at 09-46-53

Snowberries (they make a lovely popping sound if dropped on the ground and tapped with your foot: snow-to-pop)


Spiraea salicifolia, another so well established and naturalised garden escape that it might as well be native.

#boggybrae #garden #wildplant for 2015: 179

2015-08-11 at 09-50-29

Photo from 11 August 2015. This, along with several other flowering plants has flowered a good deal later this year.

2014-07-06 at 10-19-06

This photo is from 6 July 2014