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Slender St.John’s-wort (Hypericum pulchrum)

#boggybrae #garden #wildplant for 2015: 169

2014-06-26 at 10-33-47

Slender St.John’s-wort

Cordate stem leaves of Slender St.John's-wort

Blunt, oval leaves with cordate bases of Slender St.John’s-wort

Blunt sepal of Slender St.John's-wort with black-dotted edges

Blunt sepal of Slender St.John’s-wort with black-dotted edges

Unopened petals of of Slender St.John's-wort also with black-dotted edges

Unopened petals of of Slender St.John’s-wort also with black-dotted edges. Actually, I think they have been open and have closed again.


Prickly Sowthistle (Sonchus asper)

#boggybrae #garden #wildplant for 2015: 170

I was thinking only yesterday that I hadn’t seen a Prickly Sowthistle in the garden this year. There are some already flowering down the hill from us. This morning I found a young plant, not yet flowering, among some foxgloves seedlings. The pic is actually from 27 July last year.

Prickly Sowthistle

Prickly Sowthistle