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Anomalous Bristle Moss (Orthotrichum anomalum) is, according to the British Bryological Society field guide 2010, “more or less ubiquitous on concrete”. I found my sample on the concrete edging of our garden drive. However, it does not hold its capsules ‘well above’ the shoots so I’m plumping for Wood Bristle-moss (Orthetrichum affine).

Orthotrichum affine #boggybrae #garden #wildplant for 2015: 118

2015-06-19 at 13-48-59

2015-06-19 at 11-42-42

Showing the peristome teeth of a capsule

2015-06-19 at 12-02-56

Ripe capsule that has lost its cap and is about to lose its lid

2015-06-19 at 13-48-26