Fuchsia magellanica ‘Alba’


I’m making a special post about this fuchsia so that I can look it up when I have forgotten the name magellanica ‘Alba’.


I had thought that it might be called ‘Hawkshead’ but, according to @Fuchsiarius, the corolla of Hawkshead should be completely white. You can see some pink in magellanica ‘Alba’. 

I guess the use of alba here, meaning white, just means whitish, or white compared with wild fuchsia, like the red of a European robin redbreast is really orange (or ‘rust’) but we call it red, and the red campion flower is pink!

More flowers each day

First a pic of Fringe Cups, a plant that self-seeded in the garden, actually in the retaining wall of the back terrace, three or four years ago. The next pic is broad-leaved willowherb. Then follows a bigger group that have all begun to flower this week.

Mild, muggy, midgy

Today is a mild, muggy and midgy one. I wore my midge jacket to go on a wellywander. I use wellywanders to assess what needs doing as well as just to look. It’s raining quite heavily as I write this but if the weather clears as forecast this afternoon perhaps I’ll get a garden job done.

Clockwise from top left above: leaves of whorled caraway holding water droplets, white bell flower that appeared of its own volition, sage, white foxglove, lady’s mantle leaf holding droplets, the first rosebuds, toad rush also holding water droplets.

Libertia grandiflora is flowering now. This is another plant the just appeared from nowhere. I might bring in a stem or two. Apparently they are good cut flowers.

Herb Bennet (Geum urbanum) has begun to flower, and the drive is covered in green ‘worms’, flower stalks from our neighbour’s sycamore tree.