Late April in the garden


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Looking down towards the loch
Early morning light
Wild cherry blossom on one of the “deer scrapes” where they have been digging up monbretia corms to eat
First bluebell today
I sat on an old log looking up and listening to a Chiffchaff
Violets at last on the violet steps
A fresh new Orange-tip butterfly on cowberry
I think this might be a dogwood that I planted a decade ago but which deer have nibbled down every year.
This year I’m trying to protect the dogwood with bits of spiny twigs and holly

Relentless Rain


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Crocuses and snowdrops are looking a little thin and straggly and not really opening their flowers but the Green Mountain Fringe moss, the Common Tamarisk moss and Caledonia lichens are loving the wet weather.

Tight shut purple crocuses
Straggling snowdrops
Green Mountain fringe moss
Common Tamarisk moss and Cladonia lichen

I’m dictating rather than typing this text because I have a broken shoulder at the moment. It has been quite amusing how the phone has interpreted Cladonia as Cardonia or Caledonia and lichen as like in.