Alders by the sea


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Today I fell in love with alder trees. It’s not a species I’ve really looked at much before, partly because I haven’t seen many close up. Driving home from from work today I stopped to take my coat off because I was too warm and I noticed the trees right beside me. I’m glad I did 😍. I shall watch their catkins, flowers and leaves open during the spring. When I don’t have the car (only had it this week because Toad has been ill with a virus), I can walk along to this spot before catching the bus.

The far one in the first pic is a not an alder.


5 January 2019


In flower: Vinca major (periwinkle), primrose, gorse, daisy

Spotted: ladybird on a last year’s broad-leaved willowherb plant, daffodil shoots under wild cherry trees

Thinking about flowering: opposite-leaved golden saxifrage near the pond

Making: what I’m calling a Dark Star temari

Eating: thick lentil soup (lentils, onions, celery, tomato purée, chicken stock, squash, some leftover fragrant rice, a couple of small potatoes)